You're getting married soon, so to help you out just a tad, our design team has put together a few Square Tips to enhance the wedding day details for you and your wedding day crew.  The groom and his groomsmen have to look good too, right?  We certainly think so!


1. Be set apart.

Remember that it's your day too......well, kind of.  When finalizing your wedding day details (lapel flower, tie bar, socks, etc.), make sure that you do not blend in with the crowd or your crew.  Be sure to select details that will distinguish you from your groomsmen. 



2. Bring the color. 

Don't allow yourself to be muted; bring on the color!  While we certainly enjoy the classic wedding color palette of black, white, and/or ivory, we give you full permission to liven things up and add a little color to the mix.  When selecting a color option for your A Brooched Square lapel flower or custom creation, be sure that the color hue compliments the wedding day color palette.  It does not have to be an exact match, but make sure that it is pleasing to the eye.   



3. be considerate.

When making your final decision, give careful consideration to the overall design, color hues, and size of your lapel accent.  While we encourage every groom to bring his creative senses to the wedding day, be smart, you do not want to outshine your bride.  Consider this...

  1. Design |  If going with a custom design, make it creative, fun, and meaningful.  Keeping things a little more traditional? No worries, we've got that covered too. 
  2. Colors | Make your color options vibrant and fun - live a little.
  3. Size |  The overall size of your lapel accent should be proportionate to your jacket's bulky and oversized accents allowed!



Remember, we said that is your day too.....kind of.  Don't , PLEASE, don't be that guy that did not include his Mrs. in the decision.  It's your suit, but her input matters.  Don't be that guy.....period.   



Your wedding day will arrive sooner than you think, so let us get you squared away for the big I DO, today.  Send us a message, share the details and your ideas, and let us get to work.  One of our Square Heads will be in touch with you and work with you throughout the creative design process until your order arrives on your doorstop.  Let's get to work!

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